1. yellow

  2. Nice, FR

  3. Wytheville, VA
    Motel Life

  4. Pilot Mountain, NC

    Heading out on this trip, I realized I hadn’t really been on the road in five months. A rough winter in Chicago kept my car confined to the alley, and I’d adjusted to a routine of biking and busing everywhere. Last night’s after-dark drive into the Blue Ridge Mountains reminded me how invigorating fresh, dark air can be, blowing through windows at 70 mph. Just after sunset, I pulled over to capture this shot of the moon over Pilot Mountain on I-74 and then I drove on into the night towards everything and nothing it seemed.

  5. Quality Grocery, Raleigh, NC

    I didn’t plan to post anything from Raleigh, per my mention of the trouble of hometown travel blogging in my last NC post. But even though I only spent a handful on hours in Raleigh on this trip, I stumbled upon a new spot that only opened in the city last fall. Quality Grocery is a gem tucked into the Oakwood neighborhood just a block from the infamous Oakwood Cemetary. It’s staffed by friendly, tattooed hipsters who love talking about chicken salad and craft beers, road trips out west and the best coffee shops in the city. The menu is simple and inexpensive (hot and cold salads and sandwiches under $10), and the beer selection is extensive including single cans and bottles for consumption and 6- or 12-packs to take away. Quality’s also got a freezer of treasures from Maple View ice cream, and an eclectic grocery selection (think ketchup, sour mix, cereal and toilet paper). The inside decor is adorable, but the real prize is the orange patio furniture. Perfect for a late-afternoon lunch.

  6. Blue Ridge Mountains, NC and VA

    I was lucky enough to spend Memorial Day weekend in rural Appalachia for a wedding, and see some beautiful primitive churches and natural springs. Living in the city, I forget how much I love camping and waking up in nature. There’s nothing quite like it!

  7. Back on the road tomorrow!

  8. Spokane, WA

    I was in Spokane for a conference so I didn’t do much exploring but I did manage to make it to Riverfront Park to find a sight I missed last summer: the world’s largest Radio Flyer wagon!

  9. O’Hare Airport

  10. in the sky over the outskirts of Seattle, WA