1. Richmond, VA

    For having grown up less than three hours from Richmond I can’t believe I’ve never visited the city. It’s a dream! I pulled into Carytown in the late afternoon and explored some lovely shops. The highlight was certainly the Bizarre Market upstairs at Chop Suey books where I talked to a lovely local crafter about her favorite spots in the city. Then I walked over to VMFA and breezed through the collection. I was struck most by the building itself; it’s such a gorgeous space for art. I made it to Hollywood Cemetery to watch the sun set over the gothic monuments and then dip below the horizon behind me as I drove through VCU. I love how the campus is situated so intimately in the city. After dark, I stopped by Addison Vintage and Handmade and swooned over the the best vintage stockroom I’ve ever encountered. Then, of course, I realized I hadn’t eaten since morning so I treated myself to a delicious cocktail at Comfort and an amazing dinner at Heritage where the bartender spoiled me with stories of his times working in New York and Philadelphia. I’m still struck by how friendly everyone in Richmond was. In all my travels I don’t think I’ve met such lovely, loquacious strangers!

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    Some more proof that Richmond is an urban wonderland:
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    and this is why I’m in love with this little city
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